Approved Courses

The breadth of approved courses reflects the possibilities of the portfolio’s wide–ranging goals, from developing an understanding of how museums shape societies to developing skills relevant to understanding museums and those who work in them. Students are encouraged to reflect carefully on the design of their own program. A course not on the list may be used, including an internship, as part of a student’s program if approved by the Museum Studies portfolio advisory committee.

College of Fine Arts

  • Art Education
    • 381 Developing a Critical Perspective
    • 381J Issues in Visual Art Studies
    • 383J Museum Studies: History and Theory
    • 383K Museum Education: Current Issues
    • 384 Special Topics in Art Education
  • Art History
    • 386N Exhibiting Feminism
    • 386P History and Everyday Life
    • 392 Reviewing Indian Art Exhibitions
    • 394 Museums and African Art
    • 394 Collecting as Cultural Practice
    • 394 Issues in Museum Studies (required corestone course for all Portfolio students, offered each Spring)
  • Theater and Dance
    • 383P Creative Drama in the Museum
    • 387 Funding the Arts, Sustaining Culture: the Role of Philanthropy and Public Policy in the Arts

College of Liberal Arts

  • American Studies
    • 390 Memory and the City
    • 391 Cultural Representations of the Past
  • Anthropology
    • 325 The Photographic Image
    • 391 Topics in Social Anthropology, topic 22: Representation and Signification
    • 391 Workshop in Theory and Practice
    • 392Q Introduction to Graduate Anthropology
    • 394 Intermedia and Aesthetics
  •  Liberal Arts
    • 380 Doing Public Scholarship
  • Sociology
    • 394K Seminars in Sociological Theory: Cultural Theory
  • History
    • 395 Historical Methods and Sources

School of Information

  • 180J Introduction to Information Studies
  • 380K Information Technologies and the Information Professions
  • 382J Electronic Information Resources and Services
  • 382L Information Resources and Services
  • 382R Information Resources in Science and Technology
  • 384C Organizing and Providing Access to Information
  • 384D Collection Management
  • 385H Digital Media Design
  • 385J Advanced Multimedia Design
  • 385K Human Information Interaction
  • 386C Archives, Records, and Preservation in the Modern World
  • 387 Administration
  • 387C Managing Information Services and Organizations
  • 388E Historical Museums: Context and Practice
  • 388L Professional Experience and Project
  • 389C Seminar on Forged Historical Documents
  • 389R Introduction to Archival Enterprise I
  • 389S Introduction to Archival Enterprise II
  • 390N Information Policy
  • 392D Introduction to Preservation
  • 392E Materials in Libraries, Archives and Museums
  • 392F Protection and Care of Records Materials
  • 392G Management of Preservation Programs
  • 393C Conservation of Library and Archival Material

School of Architecture

  • Architecture
    • No courses currently listed. Please contribute suggestions!

College of Education

  • Curriculum and Instruction
    • 380G Anthropology of Education
    • 381J Curriculum Organization
    • 381M Designs for Instruction
    • 385G Cultural Transmissions in America
    • 392L Philosophical Foundations of Education
  • Educational Administration
    • 387Q Introduction to Systems of Human Inquiry

College of Communication

  • Communication
    • 385T Seminar in Information Science and Knowledge Systems
    • 386 Seminar in Foundations for Library and Information Studies
    • 389C Seminar in Archival Enterprise
  • Advertising
    • 381 Consumer Behavior
    • 382J Theories of Persuasive Communication and Consumer Decision Making
    • 387 Creative Strategies
    • 388J Principles of Advertising Management
    • 388K Integrated Communications Management
    • 391K Seminar in Advertising, Integrated Communications for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Communication Studies
    • 386P Seminar in Analysis of Communication Interaction
    • 390S Seminar in Organizational Communication

Red McCombs School of Business

  • Business Administration
    • 380N Operations Management
    • 381T Marketing Management
    • 382T Managerial Accounting
    • 389T Managing People and Organizations
  • Accounting
    • 380K Issues in Accounting and Control for Non–profit Organizations
    • 387 Studies in Profit Planning and Control
  • Information, Risk and Operations Management
    Legal Environment of Business

    • 380 Topics in the Legal Environment of Business, topic 6: Intellectual Property and Antitrust
  • Operations Management
    • 386 Current Issues in Operations Management
  • Marketing
    • 382 Seminar: Marketing Administration, topic 4: Strategic Marketing
  • Management
    • 383 Current Issues in Organizational Science: Managing People and Organizations
    • 385 Current Issues in Strategic Management

School of Law

  • 397S Law Seminar: Conservation/Preservation, Enforcement of IP
  • International Art Law
  • Operations Management

Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs

  • Public Affairs
    • 384D Public Administration and Management
    • 388K Advanced Topics in Public Policy Fundraising for the Nonprofit and Public Sectors
    • Community Engagement and the Management of Volunteers in Nonprofit Organizations
    • 388K Advanced Topics in Public Policy: Cultural Policy in the Arts
    • 388L Advanced Topics in Management: Community Engagement and the Management of Volunteers in Public and Nonprofit Organizations
    • 388L Advanced Topics in Management: Leading Change
    • 388L Advanced Topics in Management: Principles and Practices of Effective Leadership
    • 388L Advanced Topics in Management: Nonprofit Governance and Strategic Planning
    • 388L Nonprofit Management and Strategy
    • 388L Philanthropy and the Arts
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