Lauren Kusnierz


MA, Radio-Television-Film, Media Studies (Spring 2012)

Current position:
Daily Operations Manager/Outreach Director
International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame, Arlington, TX

Discuss your general career path since graduating from UT:
I initially came to the Museum Studies Portfolio because of my love for old movies and a desire to work in film archives and similar film related cultural institutions. Through the program coursework, internships, and writing my thesis I realized I had broader interests related to museums. Specifically, I found that I was interested in how communities form and support cultural institutions related to their interests and goals.
Shortly after graduating, I was hired for the position I am currently in at the IB/HF. I’m not much of a bowler; but, the job came with the perks of being part of a small staff and being intimately involved in many aspects of the museum. Now I am focusing my ambitions on community engagement and museum outreach hoping to work with film, in some way, in the future.

In what ways did an interdisciplinary concentration prepare you for what you are currently doing?
The interdisciplinary approach allowed me to see topics from other perspectives that I may not have been exposed to cloistered in my specific field. In the museum studies courses, I met art historians, scientists, librarians, archivists all with a similar goal of working in museums but with a multitude of aspirations and experiences. This interdisciplinary program allowed me to explore the theoretical and practical aspects of museums from a more nuanced position than I would have encountered from the perspective of one discipline.

What do you value most about your Museum Studies experience at UT?
The professional connections I made during my time in the Museum Studies portfolio have proven to be the most valuable element I have taken away from the program. The experience of learning from museum professionals through guest lectures, museum visits, and interview projects has been invaluable. Now that I have graduated and entered the museum world I have professional contacts that are now mentors, offering advice and guidance, as I build my own career.

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