Apply to the Portfolio

Who Can Apply?

Only students already enrolled in a graduate program at the University of Texas at Austin are eligible.

The Museum Studies Portfolio is open to Doctoral and Master students from any college/school at UT Austin, and students may apply to this portfolio program at any point in their graduate work. Although this program is administered through the College of Fine Arts, it is assumed that applicants will come from diverse disciplines and represent a wide range of interests. Portfolio programs are non–degree programs that allow a graduate student to add further experience during completion of their graduate degree.

Admission Requirements

  1. Must be a student in good standing in a graduate degree program with a minimum 3.00 grade–point average.
  2. Must submit a completed application form, (if possible, listing specific courses you intend to take), a curriculum vitae, and a brief statement (about one page) describing how this program will further your educational and professional goals.